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Rides and Routes

Mapped Rides

25 Mile Santa Fe Trails Monday, Wednesday Ride

Fort Leavenworth – CGSC MWR Triathlon 2008 (Bike Route)

  • Moderately hilly, 20K bike leg for 2008 CGSC MWR Triathlon. Route starts at T1 (Harney Pool) and follows a fairly challenging route consisting of two laps around Fort Leavenworth. Each lap contains a moderate climb and a long fast descent back to scenic main post.
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Fort Leavenworth – Basic Hill Route

  • Great hill workout. This route contains a moderate climb from the Fort Leavenworth airfield to the hilltop above the skeet range. Recommend counter-clockwise for best hill climbing.
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Buffalo Bill

Leavenworth to Weston Ride

  • This is a great route but never ride it alone. A lot of highway riding on two lane roads until you reach the Weston urban area. Stop and have breakfast at one of the local restaurants downtown, then pick up the ride along the Missouri River and back to Leavenworth. The ride starts in the commuter parking lot on the North side of Metropolitan between the Missouri River bridge and the entrance to Fort Leavenworth.
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Basehor Pizza

Leavenworth to Parkville Pizza

Sunday Short Loop County Road 33


Ft LVN HQs – Santa Fe Trail

  • Fort Leavenworth clock tower, out west gate, Santa Fe Trail(Rt 14) to Amelia Earhart (Rt 73) and back19.5 Miles
  • GPX and KML are not available.

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