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Stay Fired Up Coffee Bar

If there are two things that identify most cyclists, it’s their love of bikes, and their love of good coffee. Here at Santa Fe Trails, we’re definitely passionate about both; after all, we teamed up with Kansas City’s famous Roasterie to create a proprietary blend. I bet you can guess what it’s called.

Stay Fired Up Coffee Blend

But don’t get the wrong idea. Combining great bikes and great coffee isn’t a new concept for us. We’ve been doing it for over twenty years! We’d like to think we’re getting better at it everyday. We take as much pride in making your latte as we do in tuning up your bike. Our mainstay has always been Ruta Maya. Grown in Chiapas and roasted in Austin, Texas, we love to tout it as some of the best Organic, Medium Roast coffee you’ll ever taste.

So what are you waiting for? The coffee, company, and conversation are GREAT… and the wifi’s free.